Special Offerings

Occasionally there is an extra special message or memorial collection that remains popular for an extended period. You will find links to those on this page.

Voddie Baucham’s Message on Apologetics: “Why I Believe”

Click Here – You will want to order CD #5 or DVD v2

Dr. Adrian Rogers, A Legacy of Preaching

Twelve CD set of messages by Dr. Adrian Rogers. These messages were delivered at various Pastors’ Conferences over the past 30 years.

DISC 1 Acts 4 – A Heart for the World – 1994 Pastors’ Conference
DISC 2 Mandate for Victory – 1995 Pastors’ Conference
DISC 3 Fruit that Remains in the Home – 1996 Pastors’ Conference
DISC 4 The Outpouring of the Spirit in Dallas – 1997 Pastors’ Conference
DISC 5 My Private Time with the Saviour – 1998 Pastors’ Conference
DISC 6 Leadership – 2000 Pastors’ Conference
DISC 7 The Incredible Power of Kingdom Authority – 2002 Pastors’ Conference
DISC 8 Building Kingdom Families – 2003 Pastors’ Conference
DISC 9 The Making and Ministry of a Man of God – 2005 Pastors’ Conference
DISC 10 Snake Eggs, Spider Webs and Traffic Jams – 1989 SBC Annual Meeting
DISC 11 Salty Saints in a Sick Society – 1988 SBC Annual Meeting
DISC 12 TRACK 1 The Decade of Decision and the Doors of Destiny – 1980 SBC Annual Meeting
TRACK 2 Synthetic Salvation – 1977 SBC Annual Meeting
TRACK 3 Elisha – The Man of God – 1972 SBC Annual Meeting

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Ordering Instructions:

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  • Fill in your information
  • Fax to (817) 485-7816
  • Or mail to: SBC Tapes, 5664 Rockport Lane, Fort Worth, TX 76137.