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2016 Southern Baptists of Texas Convention

Special SBTC Packages

This year’s convention featured a new concept in preaching. All of the sermons done during the Annual Meeting were on Romans, Chapter 8. Each speaker handed off their message to the next presenter.

There were 6 messages in all. They are available as a package that is included as a selection on the Order Form in either CD or DVD formats.

You also have the option of receiving the entire Bible Conference (including the 8 breakouts) and the Annual Meeting presentations on a flash drive. There are two ways to receive these recordings:

1. A flash drive containing all of the videos we recorded (MPEG4 files). As a BONUS we’ll include the audios (MP3s) of the Breakouts for FREE. There were no videos made of the Breakouts.

2. A flash drive of all audios (MP3s) of all of the sessions at a discounted price.

Both of these choices are available on the Order Form.

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2016 Southern Baptist Convention and
Pastors’ Conference Messages

2016 Pastors’ Conference (Audio)
2016 Pastors’ Conference (Video)
2016 Pastors’ Conference Breakout Sessions

2016 SBC (Audio)
2016 SBC (Video)

2016 Womens’ Sessions (Audio)
2016 Womens’ Sessions (Video)

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